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How We Got Here

When our beautiful Granddaughter was born in March 2019, we wanted to give her a gift that was both uniquely special and something she would enjoy.

After a long search, with nothing quite offering that special quality we wanted, we decided to create our own gift: a swing made just for her.  Several prototypes later, we arrived at the design we have today.

Our granddaughter adores her swing, and we wanted to share our creation so other children and families can enjoy it too.  Our company Swings Etcetera aims to provide customers with a beautiful, yet functional, bespoke product to bring character - and fun- to their home and garden.

Combining beautiful oak wood with colourful, weather-resistant fabric, each truly unique swing is lovingly designed and crafted by us in our North Essex workshop.  Together we share years of gardening and woodworking experience, and our designs are a distillation of our respective abilities.

At Swings Etcetera we have a passion for gardens and all things organic. As such we like to think that the oak tree which rendered its boughs and trunk can have new life in your garden or home.

Jane & Andrew

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